Too many apps

Digitalization will only be successful if it brings simplicity in people’s life.

Digitization is progressing inexorably within human activities: domestic, professional, leisure, health ... To be useful, accepted and even desired, interactions between users and digital tools, including connected objects and services, must be simplified.

Despite the growth in the number of mobile applications available and the increase in the user connection time, the number of applications used daily decreases. Even more insightful: out of the 10 most popular mobile applications, 7 are social networks, which therefore capture the most time of use. We are witnessing a de-facto standardization of usages.

A connected light can be turned on or off; in the best case, you can choose its intensity and color. A meteorological station will provide four or five measurements (temperature, pressure, humidity, precipitation) and possibly trigger an alarm if a preconfigured threshold is crossed. A connected washing machine can be started remotely (although not loaded!), might inform you of the end of the wash cycle and ask if you want to extend the drying time, that’s about it.

So why is it so complicated to use our simple devices? Why should we clutter our smartphones with so many applications that we have devices or suppliers?