The IoT deserves a common language

Updated: Apr 22

The political discussion, by Emile Friant (1889)

Global economic development goes hand in hand with open trade, sharing of standards and regulations, as well as the establishment of global currencies.

The development of air traffic has been made possible by the adoption of international standards (IATA).

It's hard to travel and capture (even a little) the world without mastering (even a little) English.

Biodiversity and climate will only be efficiently protected by the introduction of common standards and rules that progressively apply to all.

The TCP/IP and Web protocols (HTTP, TLS, URI...) have enabled the success of the Internet with all the uses we currently see.

The Internet of Things will only deserve its name once it too has established a base, as universal as possible, allowing it to exchange information, commands and processes in a generalized way.

Developing an additional API within a platform means integrating a new object or application; it is not an opening to interoperability.