Deconfining the IoT:

the 91.DIVOC program


You feel that :

  • There are too many IoT standards? 

  • Combining different connected devices into meaningful workflows is too complex? 

  • Your users stand in splendid isolation? 

  • Dependence on editors and manufacturers is too strong?


In short, you feel confined into your IoT silo?

Help us to help you!


For whom?

Any organization (public services, business, university, etc.) concerned by one or more of the above points.


Agora Software's 91.DIVOC program allows your organization and Agora to collaborate to: 

  • Refine your use case;

  • Determine the benefits of IoT natural language collaboration in your situation;

  • Define an experiment to validate these benefits;

  • Run the experimentation for a reasonable amount of time (typically 1 to 2 months).


The 91.DIVOC program runs through the whole of 2020.


How much?

The program is free, including the experimental phase that will be agreed between you and Agora Software.


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