IoT collaboration in natural language



50% of the value of IoT projects depends on the ability of its components to interoperate.

Natural language gets the IoT, applications and users to communicate natively.

Seamless interoperability and collaboration between connected devices, services and people require a common language. Fortunately this language already exists: our own natural language, capable of conveying rich meanings over a flexible syntax.

Available now, it belongs to all and is here to stay.

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Natural language applies to any thing

IoT calls for a common language


Towards a collaborative IoT

Natural language enables semantic interoperability between any connected devices, applications and users. 

Multichannel capabilities allow users to decide on their preferred access method for interacting with their devices.

A no-code orchestrator allows IT and Line of Business to easily define borderless workflows.

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One language

Natural language unifies all communications

Multi-channel access

Whatever user’s preferred access methods: text, chat, voice...

No-Code workflows

“Do it Yourself” business-centric workflows


Every organization with an IoT project needs interoperability

Businesses and governments need IoT services that are more flexible, easier to use, less expensive to maintain and not limited to one location, one technology or one provider.


Responsive IoT integrators and service providers will respond to customer demand by offering innovative, borderless services.

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Public Services

Service Providers


The place where connected things, applications and users meet

Agora: (in ancient Greece) a public open space used for assemblies and markets. Agora proposes non intrusive, multi-tenant cloud and edge platforms that brings together things, services and users so they can interact and collaborate openly and securely. It translates natural language into machine language (and vice versa) and integrates flexible event-driven workflow capabilities across user-defined workspaces.

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Unique NLP technology

Cloud Platform

Edge Platform

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